FUE Hair Transplant


FUE (Folicular Hair Extraction) hair transplant is the latest hair transplantation technique used in world. This method produces natural result both while hair follicle collection and also during hair transplantation. As another definition, this operation consists of transfer of alive hair roots taken from hairy regions of head to bald regions by FUE method.

FUE hair transplant method yields less tissue damage when compared to other methods. FUE hair transplantation method is not an surgical operation like other methods. Because of that, it do not bear surgery associated risks like pain, wounding, infection, bleeding and scars.

Grafts harvested with FUE method are standardized and single type. For this reason, they are planted on target region without incision and with desired angle. By this way more natural look is given to hair. Additionally, plantation angle can be controlled by transplantation expert.

As a surgical operation hair transplantation is one of the most important developments of last decades. It is very successful if properly applied. In past hair transplantation was conducted with larger grafts but today they are replaced by Follicular Unit (FU) grafts.

In conclusion, success of hair transplantation depends on expertise and skills of practitioner, quality of crew and material choice.


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Dr. Yawar is currently working as Assistant Professor and in-charge of Plastic Surgery Department at Punjab Postgraduate Medical Institute. He is independently handling patients with all kinds of reconstructive conditions.

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